English Guide


This is the English Guide for foreign users. Akbobada.com has lots of sheet music including Korean Pop and world music.
You can get 100,000+ sheets music with the various types of tabs, piano, vocal, orchestral, choral and some kind of genre like ccm, instrumental, classic.
From signing up to purchasing sheet music, you can get the way to use akbobada.com with this page. Have a good time!

1. Sign Up

Click ①, check ②, ③ and click ④ You can get into the procedure of signing up
The next pages are provided with English guide for foreign users.

2. Search

① You can type in any keywords like musicians, song titles, ost as well into the search text box.
② If you find out the song what you want, you can get the detail page next by clicking the song title.
③ B,P,M,O,C means each like BandScore(Guitar,Bass,Drums,Keyboards..), Piano, Melody(Vocal), O(Orchestral), C(Choral)

3. Preview and Ordering

In order to preview the sheet music,
click ① and check the check box the next. The price 1,500원 is about 1.5 USD including taxes and transaction fee. And then,
click ② "바로구매" button for payments

4. Payments

① Check each items that you want to buy, then you can check out with ② Paypal and ③ Credit card(해외카드).
Your credit card is needed to be signed up “3d Secure”. It’s designed to help you keep your transactions and personal information safe online shopping. Get more information and sign it up at the following links.
VISA : https://usa.visa.com/personal/security/vbv/index.html (Search "Security code")
MASTER : http://www.mastercard.us (Search "Security code")

You can check out with ④악보바다캐쉬 (akbobada cash) as well.
Click ⑤ to proceed the payments

악보바다캐쉬 (akbobada cash) is a kind of private account at akbobada.com.
It’s simple and easy to use. If you put money to your "akbobada cash" by paypal or credit card, you can check out with "akbobada cash" at anytime you want.
Click ⑥ to deposit money to your akbobada cash.

5. Print Out

Click ① “구입목록” for checking the items what you have purchased. If you want to print out,
click ② “인쇄”. Finally, click ③, you can print them out.
If there’re any problems to view or print out the sheet music, you should install the Adobe acrobat reader that
link is located the right side of all the pages at our web site.
Otherwise, we recommend you to use the chrome web browser for easier use.

If you have any questions to use our web site, email us (akbobada2@daum.net)
We hope you to enjoy akbobada.com.
Thank you.